Sacrifice is part of becoming a new parent but jogging needn’t be on the list because Jogging Prams are a thing and they’re selling like hotcakes at DeWaldens Pram Centre.


If you’re too bleary-eyed to even think about slaying that early morning jog that used to set you up for the day, and the rest of the day rapidly runs away with itself now that you’ve a wee one at the centre of your world, a jogging pram will be your saviour.


If you crave a spot of light exercise in your life, are eager to re-introduce a regular training routine, you're in training for a marathon, or you're an Olympic athlete, a quick Google search shows that these nifty buggies get the universal thumbs-up.


Jogging buggies are not only your passport to training, they’re an opportunity for your precious cargo to get some fresh air as you spend some equally precious time together – plus you don’t need to arrange childcare and all that malarkey.


Just think of the money you’ll save over time and how quickly a jogging pram investment will pay for itself.


Jogging prams are fun


Jogging prams are a lot of fun too.


Your wee ones can shout at dogs or drift off to sleep while you jog on with a super-stylish pram in hand with larger than usual air-filled tyres and state-of-the-art suspension system, and this leads us neatly onto safety.



Safety and jogging prams


Safety advice on jogging prams tends to vary but it's widely recommended that your baby should be at least six months old and have strong enough neck muscles to be able to hold their head up before you take them out running with you.



The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller


You must also buy a running buggy that's fit for purpose, like the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller



This one can be used as a jogging stroller for nine months up, comes with a hand-operated deceleration brake, and is billed as the ‘ultimate all-terrain jogging pushchair.’


It has reflectors, a one-hand fold system, remote front-wheel lock, multi-position seat recline, and UV 50+ canopy help ensure maximum comfort for your baby and the peek-a-boo windows ensure that you can keep an eye on them while you’re pounding pavements or lapping the park.


This one is also customisable with a variety of accessories!


Olympian endorsement


Australian Olympian Dane Bird-Smith is a big fan of the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller and regularly takes daughter Astrid out with him on his training sessions.


He said, “The smoothness of the ride is a huge plus; even at high speeds like a 40minute 10km Astrid has found herself nodding off quite comfortably.


“ I get a ton of confidence from the control I feel and with the secure straps my daughter absolutely loves it. The lock mechanism for the front wheel is an awesome next level for when you know there is nothing but path ahead, but as I have been learning the freewheel option gives me great responsiveness.”



How does jogging with prams improve your fitness?


We hear that some of the more competitive male runners that go out in groups don’t like to see a pram beating them at the finish but that’s more about fragile masculinity than anything else.


Whether you’re out jogging alone or in a group, received wisdom tells us that the added resistance of a pram will give your glutes, quads, and hamstrings a workout because of all the pushing you’ll be doing, while toning biceps and triceps comes from steering your wee one while they’re all safely encased in the pram.


Jogging with a pram is also believed to up your calorie burn by 20 per cent!


So what are you waiting for?