A park run with your jogging pram from DeWaldens Pram Centre might sound like something you’d see in Central Park not Kelvingrove Park or any other park in Scotland for matter. But think again. This is a phenomenon that has already captured the imagination of parents right across the UK.


This is your chance to escape the confines of the house and enjoy the great outdoors and all the mental and physical health benefits it brings with your wee one in tow wrapped up nice and warm!


Jogging prams are a great workout


A park run with your jogging pram can make you a better athlete, give you some much-needed breaths of fresh air, and give you time to bond with your child.


Jogging prams are a great workout because you are not only pushing the baby’s weight but the weight of the pram too of course.


You’re also forced to tweak the ‘mechanics’ of your jog too as it’s not only putting one foot in front of the other because you must also keep an eye on your precious cargo.


That's why a jogging pram from DeWaldens Pram Centre is your passport to fitness and spending more time with your wee one on your park run.


But you should also try to relax your shoulders rather than 'deathgrip' your jogging pram so that you don’t get muscle issues and tightness.



Make your child feel included in the park run 


Ask your child if they wanted to go on a park run you rather than telling them you’re pushing them. This will make them feel like they are doing something too.


You might also want to try playing games like eye-spy and you will might notice that the conversation opens up beyond what you would discuss at home playing with toys which is great for their cognitive development. 


If your kid feels included and had fun, they will look forward to your park run and maybe motivate you on days when it’s lacking.



Planning for your park run with your jogging pram


Then there’s all the planning that goes into a park run for two with your jogging pram


We’re talking snacks, timing, picking a route that’s just the right length but gives you a decent enough run for your fitness. I


t’s also a good idea to do a reconnaissance with a stroll beforehand to make sure that the terrain on your proposed route is all nice and safe and even.