Struggling for a small gift idea for a niece or nephew or are you looking for a Christmas gift for your own wee one? We’ve cherry-picked some small gifts we think you’ll like, but remember that this is only the tip of the iceberg of our baby toys and gifts at DeWaldens Pram Centre. 


 TAF Toys Penguin Play & Kick Car Toy


The TAF Toys Penguin Play & Kick Car Toy is the perfect travel companion for babies and means easier driving and parenting for adults, so this could be the most treasured gift you buy all year!


It’s an activity centre that’s been specially designed to entertain babies traveling in a rear-facing car seat and comes with remote control for parents. 


Kaloo Kachoo Surprise Puppet


Who's hiding? It’s a Kaloo Kachoo Surprise Puppet!

The plush container opens up when the puppet appears for a surprise full of fun! The hidden animal is pushed out at the right point in the story for the best surprise guaranteed and lots of giggles every time!


The Nattou Rocker


Any toddler will love this fun Nattou Rocker to play on that’s a new twist on the rocking horse and that will help develop the child’s motor skills.

It comes in a variety of animals and the child that’s lucky enough to get one as a gift will have hours of fun with it.

The animal ears are good for hanging on to plus it also comes with a complete safety harness and stoppers to prevent it from toppling over.


Tiny Love Into The Forest Gymini Deluxe


The Tiny Love Into The Forest Gymini Deluxe is a 2-in-1 playmat with adjustable arches for more play modes. A world of wonder awaits the child you gift this to!

It includes an electronic bird toy with engaging lights and music feedback - including 30 minutes of music and 20 different tunes!

A selection of soft Into the Forest™ dolls and various activities will keep baby engaged and happy.


Kaloo Plume Chubby Bear Medium


The Kaloo Plume Chubby Bear Medium is a cute teddy bear with a fluffy body and lovely little hat!

With his friendly face and smile it makes him an ideal companion for a tiny human and he’s embellished with printed ribbons featuring feather and bird designs.

Accompanied by his friend the bird, he's ready for sweet adventures with his new owner.


 Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Musical Mobile


The Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Musical Mobile has such an array of electronic features and controls.

It has plush dolls to fall in love with and vintage-looking embroidery,  so this mobile will engage baby when awake and transform bedtime into a truly magical experience.


Lamaze Octotunes Musical Toy


The Lamaze Octotunes Musical Toy is super-cute and baby’s new friend that loves making music.

The little one that gets him as a gift will love to squeeze his soft squidgy legs – plus there are lots of different patterns to encourage sensory discovery.

Just watch the look of awe as they listen to the different notes each tentacle makes or create songs from the songbook by squeezing the tentacles in order.