Strollers are a great pushchair option for summer holidays because they're lightweight, portable, nimbly fold away, and we have a terrific range of strollers for baby in-store and online at DeWaldens Pram Centre. Baby strollers are an excellent choice for you if you're on the go a lot too, plus you can also get double strollers at DeWaldens Pram Centre if you’re looking for a pram for twins, double pram, double buggy, double pushchair, double stroller etc.!

But are strollers okay for a newborn? Can one type of pram convert into another?

Bamboozled? Don't you worry because we're about to demystify it all so read on...

What’s the difference between a stroller, a pushchair, a pram, and a buggy?

One of the most important decisions you'll make as a new parent is deciding how you're going to get about with your new baby.

That's why you need to know the key differences between a pushchair, a stroller, a pram, and a buggy.

These terms are often used interchangeably, so let's break it all down for you in as simple a way as possible. 

What is a Stroller?

stroller from DeWaldens Pram Centre is lightweight and folds away compactly, and, like the Miniuno TouchFold, at the touch of a button! This makes it an ideal choice for older toddlers and for when you're on your travels - like holidays and away-days or even while you're out shopping.  

They also come with hoods to protect your wee one from the sun's harmful UV rays. 

Strollers are often much lighter than prams or pushchairs, can be collapsed down to become totally portable, and are perfect for babies older than six months and when you’re traveling. Some strollers at DeWaldens Pram Centre are also suitable for newborns. 

What is a Pushchair?

A pushchair from DeWaldens Pram Centre usually allows you to recline the two-way seat and turn it either forward-facing or toward you, and is suitable for both young babies (from 6 months) and toddlers. It's often flat when folded.

You might also find helpful additions like wheels that swivel or enclosed carrycots.  A pushchair can also be folded up so that it fits into the boot of your car. 

Pushchairs offer you more flexibility than a pram and can accommodate a toddler. They usually come with full lying position feature and footrest with angle adjustment, so, as baby grows, you can lower it down or raise it when they take a nap. 

They also tend to have a hood that can be adjusted for the weather, with or without the see-through window option so that you can keep a watchful eye on your precious cargo. 

Then there's the basket at the bottom of the pushchair for shopping. You might also find it has a travel mug holder, extra baby bag, or similar additional accessories.

What is a Pram or travel system?

A Pram (or travel system) from DeWaldens Pram Centre is designed for newborns up to around six months, the age at which babies are still young enough to remain lying down flat while on the move.

With a travel system, you can purchase in addition to the pram accessories that might typically include a carry cot and a car set, plus other essentials like aprons, insect nets, and rain covers. 

Some prams can be converted into pushchairs to accommodate an older baby. 

    What is a Buggy?

    A buggy is generally considered either a pushchair, a pram, or a stroller - it's basically a catch-all term for a vehicle to transport your wee one! 

    But they're often found toward the lightweight, travel-friendly end of the spectrum, i.e. a stroller.  Best used for an older baby or toddler, a buggy is particularly great when out and about or when you're off on holiday because they're easy to manoeuvre and fold up, and are especially handy if you have a toddler who gets tired or bored easily!