Autumn is a sensory adventure for babies that are ready to explore the world further, in arguably the most beautiful season of all, and there are some great activities for you and baby to activate all their senses!

Walk in the Forest

A walk in the forest is one of the most relaxing and fun autumn activities. Your baby will love the autumnal colours on the forest floor, the crunching of leaves underfoot and the rustling of the trees! You might need one of our pushchairs or strollers for this one as a fallback just in case they decide to nap! 

Get crafty with autumn leaves from your walk

Why not get crafty with autumn leaves from your walk by making a big autumn leaf collage with all of the leaves you collected! You'll find this fun too, hopefully, if there's not too much mess, plus you don't need to be Rembrandt to stick leaves on a bit of card and make it look even halfway artistic!

They'll go bonkers for conkers

While you're out on our travels, you might also want to collect conkers, acorns or pinecones and then put them into some old bottles or Tupperware. This makes for a great sensory experience for baby to shake and look at - always supervised of course! 

Pumpkins for your wee pumpkin!

Bring pumpkins to life with paint and a little imagination and encourage creativity in your wee pumpkin! The perfect sensory activity for your baby to get stuck into - see how fasciated they are once the face starts taking shape! 

Blackberry picking 

Blackberries, when cut or smashed, can be introduced as soon as your baby is ready to start solids, generally around 6 months. Once picked and washed, your baby may enjoy them mushed as a sweet desert or snack!

Autumn reading

Reading is great activity for baby whatever the time of year. Swap the usual bedtime stories for autumn-themed tales that tell of the magic in the air at this time of year. 

Visit a Deer or Alpaca Farm

There are many deer and alpaca farms around the UK where you and your wee one can gaze at these majestic animals and perhaps even interact if it's a petting zoo. They'll see some of Santa’s deers too if they're lucky!


Put on your warmest togs and take an autumn walk under the stars with your your little kids and show them the beautiful blanket of stars up above. A fun things to do in autumn and a great time to start introducing them about the wonders of the universe!

Watch the autumn sunset 

With the sunset getting earlier and earlier, watching it gets easier and easier, especially for wee ones! You can check online when the sunset is due and take the whole family for a relaxing evening walk! 

Family portrait 

You might want to organise a big family portrait against an autumnal backdrop - before everyone gets too busy to gather together on the run-up to Christmas!