Whether you’re a sceptic or a full-on believer in astrology and the influence of the stars on our lives and us all being connected (a galaxy does look like the human eye!), we thought we'd have some fun and see what's written in the stars to help you buy the best possible gift for baby at DeWaldens Pram centre based on their star sign!


Which gift to buy for an Aries baby at DeWaldens Pram Centre 


Aries is the first sign. It's also a fire sign so they like to be on the go and absolutely love being out and about in the car - but they're easily bored. That’s why the TAF Toys Penguin Play & Kick Car Toy is the perfect travel companion for Aries babies!  It comes with a remote control, enabling parents to re-activate music and lights when the wee Aries baby demands it!



Which gift to buy for a Taurus baby at DeWaldens Pram Centre 


Nature-loving Taurus (David Attenborough's one) love animals, and your Taurus baby will love this Cuddle Co Sitting Teddy Bear from DeWaldens Pram Centre! Tiny Taurus will be amazed when they discover this giant teddy bear for the first time and they'l become the best of friends within seconds!



Which gift to buy for a Gemini baby at DeWaldens Pram Centre


Gemini is the sign of the mind. The perfect gift for a Gemini baby is the Janod Magneti'Book Mix & Match Animals  - a portable, educational magnetic book! It includes a host of different magnetic items for kids to put together, according to the template or any way they like. This game with its cardboard pieces will transport the Gemini wee one aged 3 and over to the animal kingdom with its 72 magnetic parts and 8 template cards.


Which gift to buy for a Cancer the Crab baby at DeWaldens Pram Centre


A baby born under the star sign Cancer usually has an affinity with the moon. They often stare up at it when its full. The Taf Toys Mini Moon Activity Centre is a take-along activity toy with plenty of fun activities and a heaven-sent gift for this wee one. Suitable to use on the play mat or just about anywhere,  playing with the different features encourages baby's senses development, fine and gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination.


Which gift to buy for a Leo baby at DeWaldens Pram Centre


Leo is king or queen of the zodiac and requires a gift that’s befitting to their star status – and as it's Leo the lion, they're going to go gaga for the Tiny Love Rolling  Toy - Leonardo Lion!

This rolling toy that inspires baby's sense of exploration and encourages growth through movement and imagination. Leo is also the most creative sign, and this toy's flexible body, rotating head and rolling movement change its appearance and its playing mods, inspiring Leo baby's imagination and creativity.


Which gift to buy for a Virgo baby at DeWaldens Pram Centre


Virgo is the zodiac sign that loves details as well as comfort so a gift for this wee one from DeWaldens Pram Centre that will be a big hit is a Bizzi Growin Knitted Blanket with Bow Detail

This baby blanket is so stylish it will look great with any stroller. Super soft 100% cotton in the softest blush pink and whisper grey. The bow detail which is also knitted just makes this blanket stand out from the crowd. Your little Virgo will love this addition - and being wrapped up and nice and cosy!



Which gift to buy for a Libra baby at DeWaldens Pram Centre


Libra likes stylish things even when they’re young and that’s why you should think about the super-cool Maxi-Cosi Kori Rocker Graphite! It's the most fitting gift from DeWaldens Pram Centre for a Libra baby. 

 The Kori is minimalistic, lightweight and supportive, easy to adjust from stationary to rocking, and machine washable. No matter what you need to do around the house, you can rest assured knowing your Libra baby can sit or rock away in peace.  


Which gift to buy for a Scorpio baby at DeWaldens Pram Centre


The MyChild Walk N Rock Walker Rocker is the perfect gift from DeWaldens Pram Centre for the most rock 'n roll baby of the zodiac - Scorpio! 

Playtime will be more fun plus it's got three height adjustments, the walker is suitable for children from approximately six months until they can stand and walk unaided, enabling confident and independent movement and converts to a static/rocking activity centre easily for added excitement - which is also great seeing as Scorpios get very attached to things!


Which gift to buy for a Sagittarius baby at DeWaldens Pram Centre


 Sagittarius is the most restless sign and the speediest, so they really do need a Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller to keep them on the move! 

This is the ultimate all-terrain jogging pushchair, equipped with air-filled rubber tyres, all-wheel suspension and new fashions with reflective accents so you can get up, get out and get jogging with your Sagittarius baby out in front! 

The signature one-hand fold, remote front-wheel lock and hand-operated deceleration brake provide you with ultimate convenience. The multi-position seat recline and UV 50+ canopy help ensure maximum comfort for your Sagittarius baby while the peek-a-boo windows allow you to keep an eye on them. 


Which gift to buy for a Capricorn baby at DeWaldens Pram Centre


Capricorn is the sign of nostalgia and collecting things. That’s why the Mamas & Papas Rose Gold Heart Trinket Box is ideal gift from DeWaldens Garden Centre for a Capricorn baby.  

This little one will love to accumulate all sorts of treasured possessions, and what better way to store those tiny keepsakes than with this Rose Gold Trinket Box. Showcasing a stunning rose gold finish, the little box also features an engraved 'welcome to the world' message and 'perfect for little treasures' stamp, with soft grey felt lining inside, it's an ideal place to protect those miniature memories that the Capricorn baby can - and will - treasure forever!



Which gift to buy for an Aquarius baby at DeWaldens Pram Centre


 Aquarius is the zodiac's eco-warrior and this wee one might be saving the whales when they grow up (that's if there are any left!). Send them a Kaloo Les Amis Lollipop Whale because the stars say they'll love it!

This friendly little whale just makes everybody want to hug it instantly with its curvy body and silky fur!



Which gift to buy for a Pisces baby at DeWaldens Pram Centre


Pisces has its head in the clouds and so the dream gift for the dreamer of the zodiac is the Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Musical Mobile!

This one's got a wide variety of electronic features and controls that include adorable plush dolls and vintage-looking embroidery, and so this mobile will engage Pisces baby and transform bedtime into a truly magical experience.